"Life change happens in small groups... you CAN find a friend, encouragement, hope, and accountability" - Pastor James


The Breakfast Club

Every Wednesday morning at 6am the men get together to laugh, learn, and challenge each other in our journey with Jesus. Every guy needs accountability in life, a place to talk and the opportunity to be there for someone else. For the location email us: info@adorechurch.com or text 918-770-2035


Adore Sisterhood

Every Thursday night our women gather and talk together, cry together, laugh together, and find help together in community and Jesus. Every woman needs a sisterhood of others praying and fighting for them. You need that and they need you!

For more info or to join the group: email us at info@adorechurch.com or text Sarah at 918-850-2300


A Safe Place

Proverbs 14:32 (MSG)

"The evil of bad people leaves them out in the cold;
the integrity of good people creates a safe place for living."

Safe Place is just that. A place for men to come together and talk about life issues, sharpen each other, build a life together on God's word and find friendships while doing it.

If you have struggled with and addiction, are in recovery or currently struggling to beat an addiction we are here for you!!!

For more info on where and when we meet email us: info@adorechurch.com or text 918-770-2035