Our weekend services are designed to be fun environment where everyone feels welcome, accepted and most importantly experiences God. Our goal is to create friendly, warm and safe environments for adults as well as children to hear that Jesus loves them!! Church should be fun and we strive to make our gatherings just that.




"If you are not in a connect group, you are not in the Church" Pastor James

Participating in a life group is the way community is built, family is found and life change happens. Through our groups, you can connect with others that will be there for you and walk the journey of life with you. You will also become that to someone else which is the greatest gift of all. 



BETTER TOGETHER and the A-team

This is a program to help people better understand our church structure and us better know you! It is a three week class that meats after service at Cafe Nero next store. (the coffee is always on us) The three weeks flow like this:

  • Week 1 is a chance to better know our church and our Pastors to better know you.
  • Week 2 answers how we better know God and why we believe that is done better in a life group.
  • Week 3 is a chance to better know yourself, how God made you and where we can get you plugged in to help us reach and serve people. 

You can begin serving on A-Team anytime as long as you commit to taking the Better Together class. It is the best way to get right into the life of Adore Church and help us reach people!